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Blockchain-based worldwide healthcare ecosystem in specialized medicine







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Mar. 20, 2018

May. 1, 2018

$7,500 ETH


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Idea & Token

In spite of huge size and continuing growth of healthcare market, the problems are still there – poor collaboration and access to medical specialists, insufficient interchange of knowledge, different data standards, data inconsistency, and especially misdiagnosis. Numbers say that about 20% of patients around the world faced misdiagnosis.
The core of the TrustedHealth ecosystem is the Trustedoctor platform, a partner of TrustedHealth and an already functioning system that connects patients with the best doctors regardless of the patients’ location, help to find the right medications without necessity to travel and therefore saving time when it’s a lifesaving factor. Nowadays, Trustedoctor is focused on providing help to patients with brain and lung cancer and planning to expand the list of diseases (two more diseases will be added till the end of 2018). 50 world’s leading doctor specialists from six countries are currently working on the platform have already helped more than 200 patients from 25 countries. The platform also allows doctors to communicate with other doctors for their professional consultations. TrustedHealth is supported by 16 medical organizations.
From a patient’s point of view TrustedHealth has the following features. Medical data will be stored in decentralized storage with exclusive access of the corresponding patient owning this data. The data can be shared or sold to doctors, research centers, or educational institutes for medical or scientific research. The platform is also open to other organizations that can become a part of the ecosystem if they can help patients or doctors, for example, diagnostic labs, pharmacies, patient organizations, and insurance companies.
Their ERC-20 utility token called TDH will be the currency within the ecosystem, including the Trustedoctor platform. Users will be rewarded with TDH for engagement and transactions within the ecosystem. Similar to Trustedoctor, other partners coming to the platform will use TDH as a primary payment method. Though payments can be done with fiat money, there ones using TDH will have discounts and other incentives. The total token supply is 300 million, 50% will be sold on ICO, 20% will go to the company, and 30% – to the team.


TrustedHealth’s team consists of 19 specialists in medicine, blockchain, software engeneering, finance, management, advertising, marketing, and design. Most of the team members are full-time employees. TrustedHealth’s CEO Greg Jarzabek is an alumnus of Harvard, ESCP and Warsaw School of Economics, worked many years as a credit trader. When his mother died of cancer, he decided to focus on developing a network helping people with life-threatening diseases and founded the Trustedoctor company. They also have 15 advisors, most of them are professors or top specialists in medical sphere, as well as professionals in blockchain and entrepreneurs.


TrustedHealth is focused on a few simple functions – connecting patients with doctors, providing communication between doctors, storing user data in a secure way, and engaging other healthcare organizations to join the platform community. And this is just we like the most, because it’s much better to do simple and narrow functions perfectly than spread your interests, plans and features on several spheres and this way increase risks of failure because of lack of attention to each feature. And here is one more important thing – a working product. Yes, for now they only deal with two diseases, but their good results are clear and obvious, so it’s a promising start. Take into account generosity of the idea, because it will likely attract new doctors and investors. Thought general forecast is positive, the project’s possible success will depend on how fast they will engage people to the platform and for how long they will stay there.

A decentralized platform connecting patients with world-leading doctors to beat life-threatening diseases.

Mar 20 (presale), Mar 27 (ICO)

Many healthcare systems are slow and inefficient. They favour some and exclude others. There is a lack of transparency around the right specialists, the misdiagnosis rate is high, and the best medical care isn’t centralised in one place due to sub-specialisation. There is also limited physical access to some of the most proficient medical practitioners in the world.
Everyone should be able to access specialist expertise, regardless of location.

There are also challenges around a lack of technology, or a lack of access to technology, poor communication, lack of standardisation, and case-relevant information exchange. These issues impact on patient-to-doctor, patient-to-patient communication, the knowledge transfer between medical practitioners and better research for future treatment discoveries.
The challenges that every patient faces, and that are of the most pressing concern, in life threatening conditions are clear:

•Patients don’t benefit from the expertise available around the world
•There is a rising demand for the unification of the healthcare experience, data and security.
•Every case could help others through coordinated research.

TrustedHealth has been created to be an agent of this change. With TrustedHealth, patients, medical practitioners and the entire health ecosystem are connected directly with one another. A direct link from a patient in one country to the right specialist in another, delivering the right diagnoses and the right patient care – this is the vision of TrustedHealth. Every step of the healthcare experience supported and made available to everyone through an integrated medical ecosystem of healthcare providers.

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