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Decentralized Ecosystem of Video Applications






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Jan. 22, 2018


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Idea & Token

The PROPS ecosystem is being developed by the live streaming video company YouNow founded in 2011. The new ecosystem is supposed to allow users to access features and content from a variety of media-applications. PROPS tokens are planned to be used to reward content creators and, depending on the particular application being used, give options to pay for premium features, curate favorite content or promote one’s own content, etc.

The ecosystem implies a coexistence of users, content creators, as well as third party developers, able to develop new media applications with support of the same PROPS wallet utilized by the entire ecosystem. Said wallets are user-friendly and require no specialized knowledge. A key role in the ecosystem is reserved for YouNow’s new video application, Rize, to be made available on iTunes and Google Play after the conclusion of the toke sale.


PROPS has a team of 40 people with primary experience in video technologies and digital media. Founder & CEO Adi Sideman founded YouNow in 2011, and was also the co-founder of KSolo and TargetSpot. SVP Business Development & Product Strategy Yonatan Sela was a founding member and VP Marketing & Product Strategy at Tvinci. CTO Eran Kalmanson was one of the founders of SundaySky as well as the Team Lead of the software development team in the Israeli intelligence corps’ technological unit. Project advisors include many blockchain-experts.


PROPS is a well-conceived project making good decisions. Giving access to the platform to third party developers and utilizing YouNow’s already existing audience are all parts of a sound strategy. The project is backed by a strong team, even if it has to simultaneously work on the already functioning YouNow and PROPS/Rize.

However, the project will have to face powerful competition. Snapchat, Youtube, Facebook – and the list of competitors doesn’t end here. A lot hinges on the success of the Rize application and its ability to stand up to its rivals.


We are introducing PROPS, a cryptocurrency that powers social participation in digital media and Rize , a new platform for interactive video that will be the PROPS token’s first large-scale adopter and champion. Rize is an open video platform that connects groundbreaking many-to-many video technology with tokenized virtual gameplay and aligned economic incentives for its participants.
Launching in tandem with PROPS, and seeded with YouNow’s community of millions, Rize will popularize the cryptocurrency. Rize will serve as the initial member of the PROPS Ecosystem , a group of applications and platforms powered by PROPS that fairly and transparently reward participants in proportion to their contributions to the network. Half of the PROPS supply will be governed by a non-profit foundation that will distribute them across the ecosystem, incentivizing third party application developers, content contributors and users to join the PROPS Ecosystem in order to build a user-focused alternative for today’s highly centralized digital media landscape.

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