Охотничий нож фотки

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Охотничий нож фотки

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Производитель ножей море

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A social activity network


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Price on ICO

Feb. 1, 2018

Feb. 28, 2018


0.40 USD

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The current crypto-currency landscape is riddled with well-intentioned but ultimately failed projects. Even the big players in the current market struggle with mainstream adoption, price stability, and technical limitations. Peerity is a next-generation blockchain, crypto-token, and community platform based on the Tendermint consensus engine. It allows for high-speed, high-volume transactions on the Peerity network.
Peerity is an “Activity Network”, providing access for screening and cognifying content across multiple areas of interest. On this platform, there is almost nothing we can think of that cannot be made new, different, and more valuable by infusing it with broader knowledge and greater creativity. It is this creative process that Peerity hopes will lead to enhanced interpersonal connections both on screen and in person. The Peerity team believes that current social networks and many web applications are fundamentally broken. Despite people being more connected than ever, they nevertheless feel more disconnected and alienated. This is because the existing social networks treat their users not as the customer or partner, but rather as a product.
“People as product” is what drives the alienation that people experience. Companies reap massive profits from extracting, selling, and abusing their users' personal information and activity. But it does not have to be this way. People naturally desire connection – especially positive connection – and there is no need to abuse users if the incentives for the users and the company and the network are aligned.
User-friendly and useful community building portals are hard to come by. And the ones that are out there are clunky and expensive. Peerity.io is a platform where communities can be created, discovered, nurtured, and come to life. Users and communities will get rewarded for their activity with the Peerity crypto token. This puts our crypto coins straight in the hand of the users and communities that use the platform, solving the issue of token distribution in current cryptocurrencies.
Tokens are awarded based on the amount and quality of the activity. Users can post content online either as themselves or as part of a community. Allowing people to earn rewards based on off- or online activity on Peerity.io provides an incentive for new users to try out the platform, ultimately increasing the user base and market cap of Peerity.io.
•100,000,000 total ERC20 tokens at 1st Round
•20,000,000 PEER 2nd Round
•60,000,000 PEER 10,000,000 PEER, are to be sold in bulk to private investors
•7,500,000 are reserved for the founding team
•2,500,000 is reserved for, bounties, advisors, and employees
•ICO price of token Round 1: 20,000,000 PEER at $0.20/PEER
•ICO price of token Round 2: 60,000,000 PEER starting at $0.30 and ending at $0.40
Investment info: we accept ETH since our ICO token is an ERC20 one. We will have our own, Tendermint based token after we launch and the ICO token will be able to be exchanged for the actual PEER token.

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