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Decentralized surveillance system for businesses and consumers







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Price on ICO

Feb. 15, 2018

Mar. 10, 2018


1 FACE = 0.1 USD

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Green flag: Fast presale

The Faceter presale was completed successfully, reaching the hardcap $10 mln in just 30 seconds!

Idea & Token

When you talk about public safety, what means come to your mind first of all? Right, video surveillance. Video becomes more and more important in today’s world of public crimes and terrorist attacks. We should understand that a modern video surveillance system is more than just video cameras. It includes machine learning technology, face and object recognition, real-time video analysis capable of interpreting a situation as dangerous. Faceter features them all. The project is based on a decentralized network that consists of video cameras, video content hubs, and miners. This approach reduces the costs and computing power required for the currently existing video surveillance systems. Users will have an option to use the system offline or online. An offline solution will require user’s own computing resources and servers with a database of recognition components. If one chooses to use it online, all is needed is to log in to the Faceter website and provide information about video cameras to gather and analyze the video streams.
A token called FACE is based on the ERC-20 protocol and will be used for payments from customers and to the community workers. Users will pay mostly for renting the company’s equipment and software when using the solution in the online mode. The price for these services will depend on the complexity of the requested task. All in all Faceter is going to issue 1 billion tokens including 8 million during the public pre-sale (Feb 01 – Mar 01) with a 50% discount and 400 million during the public sale (Mar 10 – Apr 30).


The company’s CEO and co-founder Robert Pothier has multi-year experience in digital payments as a manager in different projects. The team consists of 9 experienced specialists with deep background in technology, financial market, big data ecosystems, neural networks, computer vision, etc. Many of them took part in startups in the past. In general, the team looks very strong. As an advisor they have Igor Karavaev who is also a blockchain advisor at ICOBench and the executive director of Skolkovo Foundation, a business incubator for hi-tech startups.


Faceter has everything to bring this project to success – an idea to resolve a topical world-wide problem, an excellent team that knows what to do and how to do it, all resources required for that. We can expect significant development this year according to their roadmap. At the same time keep in mind that the project’s target market is currently limited to governmental organizations, military and private corporations, and it’s still a question of how they are going to sell the solution to small companies and consumers.
Video surveillance is a key tool when we talk about public safety. Faceter is going to add a hi-tech brain to ordinary video cameras to turn them into your personal never-sleeping policeman.


Video surveillance systems are currently the most e icient technical tool to ensure public safety by the means of recording facts and controlling the situation at any site. The global increase in crime, terrorist attacks and, most especially, public concern about safety are the factors that promote the development of the global video surveillance market. According
to Markets&Markets, the industry’s turnover reached $30.37 billion in 2016. The growth rate is seemingly unabated, as the industry is expected to reach $75.64 billion in turnover by 2022.

The problem is something similar — most video surveillance systems are of little use, and therefore inherently ine icient, since it is only possible to record data via videos, and store video archives. They are therefore backward-looking and dumb in that they cannot, and are completely unable to react to a situation when it is actually happening in real time.

Computer vision technologies are expensive to develop and require the additional expense of requiring substantial computing resources to run. Only a few very expensive B2B solutions have computer vision and video content analysis implemented as a part of their technology stack. As a consequence, their technologies are still very early-stage compared to the possibilities o ered by the vast potential of neural networks. There are currently no products to analyze video streams by means of objects, faces or event recognition that are remotely a ordable to consumers.


Faceter is the first blockchain surveillance system for consumers. Faceter makes video surveillance smart, giving brains to cameras through enhanced face detection, object detection and real-time video analysis. These features allow cameras to understand the situation and respond to it, o ering much better security to all the customers.

Computer vision technology on the blockchain powered by a decentralized network of miners makes the product a ordable for all-sized businesses and mass market consumers. The benefit from a mining perspective is that
a contribution of miner’s resources to Faceter is twice as profitable as the mining of Ether on the same Graphic Processing Units (GPU’s)*. At Faceter’s technological core is the absolute respect for privacy, and the utilization of the features of convolutional neural networks to split the tasks reinforces this commitment. As a result, sensitive data is always processed in a completely trusted environment, and all images not subject to recovery are passed to the decentralized network. This amounts up to 80% of the total amount of calculations performed.

1 thought on “Faceter

  • Why do they have a new crypto? Why not simply using one already on the market or normal currencies? I do not understand the competitive advantage of using a new crypto to pay for GPUs usage in others’ computers.

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