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Blockchain-based network of autonomous vehicles







100% Complete (success)
100% Complete (danger)
80% Complete (warning)
80% Complete (warning)

ICO starts

ICO ends

Hard cap


Price on ICO

Apr. 30, 2018

May. 14, 2018

$38 000 000


1ETH = 10,000 DAV

ICO Website

Starts in 32 days

Get widget

Idea & Token

DAV is building a blockchain-based transportation platform that will allow you to buy or sell autonomous transportation services in a decentralized market. First of all it’s about autonomous cars. Though nowadays they are not widespread, cars without drivers is a strong tendency in the transportation field. As they say in DAV, you won’t hire drivers anymore, you will hire cars. You can use the platform not only as a consumer, but as an owner of an autonomous car as well, providing your services via the DAV protocol. And it doesn’t matter if you are an individual entrepreneur or a solid transportation company, all participants will have equal rights and possibilities to develop their business. One more vehicle type is autonomous drones you can use to send or receive anything and anywhere, and this technology is developing much faster than autonomous cars which is quite predictable. The orders on the platform will be implemented by using smart contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain.
To understand how serious this project is you should know that DAV is supported by such companies as
Google, NASA, SAP, GM, Ethereum, and UPS. The list is much more than solid.
DAV’s ERC-20-compliant token called DAV will be used for all the payments on the platform. The created tokens will be distributed the following way: 40% will be sold on ICO, 25% will be spent for bounties and partnerships, 20% will be kept for long-term budget, 15% will go to the team and advisors.


The team is fully packed with software developers and consists of 16 members covering such spheres as big data, machine learning, cryptocurrency, encryption, mobile apps, web apps, AI, self-driving cars, design, and marketing. CEO and founder Noam Copel, strategist and investor, has strong experience in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and encryption, created the world’s first smartphone encryption system. They also have 8 advisors, former or current top specialists from NASA, Ethereum, SAP, UPS, General Motors, Bancor, and Equinix. In general, the team looks completely gathered and very strong.


What they have for now is an excellent cutting-edge technology idea, uniqueness of the project, strong team, an extremely solid list of enterprises supporting the project, released app for drone delivery, 100+ contributors on GitHub (the protocol is an open-source project). At the same time it’s quite a big question when autonomous cars will become a part of our everyday life. Autonomous drones are developing faster, but most of us still imagine them as a picture from future. Anyway we are sure the idea is exciting for everyone, and if the team will be able to bring it to life, the long-term perspective of the project is great.

If you still think self-driving cars and drone-based delivery is something from future, here’s the project to change your mind.

Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles (DAV). DAV is a computer network that will ultimately connect self-driving vehicles (such as cars, trucks, rovers, and drones) to everyone on that network, enabling them to discover, communicate, and transact using a token. Users can pay for the use of any of those vehicles with a token to get a ride or pick up and deliver a package. People who own those vehicles or the charging stations on the network can earn tokens for the services they provide. Users can have an entire network of self-driving vehicles at their fingertips to bring them anything, or to take them anywhere, with one token. Even in today’s transportation market, and during the transitional period before autonomous transportation reaches mass adoption, the decentralized transportation network and its underlying technology can create a variety of economic opportunities such as decentralized, on demand, manned, rides and deliveries.

2 thoughts on “DAV

  • Why does this require a new token? you could make the whole thing with machines paying in fiat currency like dollars. I do not get the particular need for a new cryptocurrency in this field. Automatic machines do not need the smart contracts embedded in a crypto, since they are already per-se autonomous vehicles.

    • They do have an answer on the website for that question.

      “DAV tokens are essential for a truly decentralized transportation marketplace. The tokens are transferred using smart mission contracts. These contracts are automatically enforced, so the correct number of tokens is paid to the vehicle owner, to the service provider, and to the insurer, at the right time, with an agreed upon process to handle potential disputes. Economically the DAV token is needed for users to participate in the innovative DAV platform. Early AV owners and service providers using DAV will benefit from historically low barriers to market entry (enabled by the DAV platform), along with operational optimization. As AV transportation matures and grows, so will the utility of the token and the broader adoption of use cases.”

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