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Blockchain-based data exchange and an app that allows people to control and leverage their own data







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Feb. 5, 2018

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$40 000 000



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Idea & Token

Some analytics state that by 2022 data will become the most valuable asset in the world. Each day the volume and importance of the data increases. Ordinary people who produce data are cut out of this rapidly growing economic sector. DataWallet gives an opportunity to these people to leverage their data to get some financial profit and control access to their data. With DataWallet, you can be sure your data is secure and private by managing your private key and using data encryption.
One of the main instruments to be implemented is the DataWallet app that allows you to monetize and use your data on your own – you can earn tokens and personalize any imaginable AI services from Amazon to Netflix.
One more is the DataWallet API, the center of the ecosystem for the AI-driven applications built upon personal data.
The white paper is clear enough for an ordinary investor and detailed enough for a data scientist. Facilitating the secure and consensual exchange of data is stated as the DataWallet ecosystem’s primary value.
Their native token called DXT is at the core of the DataWallet Smart Contact network and is paid for the exchange of data. A Blockchain to be used to run on is not mentioned in the white paper. Users will earn tokens by sharing their data with companies that they select. Token can also be used to pay for AI-driven services in the DataWallet App Store.


The core team includes 13 specialists in technology, marketing, consumer research, and people from the academic space. Some of them are Ivy league, Stanford, and Harvard graduates. In general, the team is strong enough in blockchain development. Five company advisors have background in the crypto and science. The founder of Salesforce is among their investors.


The idea of creating data currency secured with blockchain for transparency and reliability is worth considering. If DataWallet can manage to implement all their plans the main of which are listed above and give everyone an opportunity to be fairly rewarded for their data, the project has quite positive future.

Datawallet provides users with a self-sovereign wallet that puts them in charge of their data, and allows them to monetize as well as utilize an asset that is rightfully theirs. Our exchange puts users in the driver seats; it gives them full control over which data they want to share and who they want to share it with. It gives them full transparency into the use cases that companies want to source their data for. And most importantly, it allows them to reclaim the profits made with an asset that is rightfully theirs. For companies, Datawallet constitutes the fuel source to power the new AI driven online economy. Since the Datawallet model is based entirely upon users giving expressive consent to share their data, companies are able to access cross-platform, user-specific, historic and real-time data which previously was entirely inaccessible. By allowing users to link their data directly to their applications, companies will be able to train their algorithms right away and unlock the groundbreaking potential of this new generation of smart applications.

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