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Decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform







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Coinvest has postponed their ICO, please pay attention to the new dates to prevent any frauds or scams.

Idea & Token

Coinvest is a decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform. It offers its own proxy-token (COIN) that serves as an “intermediary” in purchasing/selling deals and grants a unified means of control over one’s portfolio. Requests for operations are registered as smart-contracts and are executed automatically upon specified conditions being fulfilled without the involvement of a third party. Coinvest’s solution includes a broker account, a wallet and a debit account. As the platform’s popularity increases, it should trigger additional upwards dynamics for the COIN token.


The project team consists of 12 employees and two advisors, including:
Damon Nam – founder and CEO with 16 years of experience in Microsoft. Damon defines Coinvest’s development strategy.
Byron Levels – CTO. 23 years of experience in IT-companies from the Fortune-500 list.
Talor Rieckens – Director of Business Development. 10 years of experience in Microsoft and Bosch.


In general, the idea of creating a universal trading platform for cryptocurrencies isn’t unique. On the other hand, a fully decentralized product run by smart-contracts holds a number of obvious advantages over traditional analogues, which lends the project potential. Project risks may include the presence of the intermediary COIN token in all deals. The token’s rate is calculated based on the rate of USD and will thus fluctuate. Although Coinvest claim that COIN will have an upwards dynamic due to a number of natural factors, only time will tell if this proves true. We have no reason to question the experience of the team in terms of experience and knowledge of technology. The product is in a beta stage with release planned for 2018. Coinvest’s more interesting functions include the ability for users to spend cryptocurrency straight from their debit accounts. Initially Coinvest wallet will be realized in the form of a mobile application, but by 2019 the company has plans to also issue a physical debit card – a significant additional convenience.
We like the potential of this project and suggest you keep it in mind as an interesting project deserving of attention.

Coinvest Aims to Disrupt Cryptocurrency Investing with the World’s First Decentralized Investment Trading Market for Cryptonized Assets

Coinvest empowers anyone to virtually invest in individual or a curated index of cryptonized assets through one coin.

DALLAS, TX – Coinvest, an emerging blockchain startup comprised of Microsoft alumni, is announcing that it will offer a crowdsale of $30 million in COIN tokens to seed the world’s first decentralized investment trading market for cryptocurrencies, built on blockchain technology. Crowdsale funds will be leveraged to continue the development of its products and drive the company’s mission of:

“Creating decentralized tools for the world to seamlessly, securely, and safely invest and use cryptocurrencies.”

Frustrated with the complexity, fragmentation, and quality of cryptocurrency investment options available on the market, Coinvest is determined to democratize cryptocurrencies by creating tools to:

  1. Provide mechanisms for consumers to seamlessly, securely, and safely invest and use cryptocurrencies
  2. Empower anyone to create investment vehicles for a personally curated index of cryptonized assets using one platform, one wallet, and one coin

At the core of its product portfolio is the Coinvest protocol:  A blockchain protocol defining investment transactions between users and the Coinvest smart contracts. Supporting the protocol is the Coinvest DAPP. The Coinvest DAPP, empowers anyone to virtually invest in individual or a curated index of cryptonized assets through one coin. To do so, users create virtual portfolios and trade their favorite cryptocurrencies using market buy, limit buy, sell, and short orders. Orders are executed with the COIN token which are sent and held in escrow by the Coinvest smart contract. The Coinvest DAPP and smart contracts keep track of all investment data including assets, distributions, etc. Upon executing sell orders, the smart contract releases invested funds and any profits back to the Coinvest DAPP. Users can then spend cryptocurrencies directly from the DAPP using their wallet or Coinvest debit account. All transactions and funds are digitally automated by open-source computer code and are never touched or managed by any third-party.

Coinvest is creating a future where users have one platform, one wallet, and one token (COIN), that enables anyone to create a digital investment portfolio to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies. Thereby reducing the cost, risk, and complexity associated with investing in cryptocurrencies on centralized exchanges or investment funds. Centralized third parties that are often needed in traditional investment use cases are replaced with smart contracts that act as autonomous agents and programmatically compensate all users, investors, and owners within the entire Coinvest ecosystem.

“By leveraging blockchain, smart contract, and Coinvest technology, investors now enjoy reduced transaction costs, autonomous investment options, and complete trust. For the first time, we are placing the power back into the hands of the public, and empowering them to invest in cryptocurrencies using the most decentralized, cost-effective, and seamless process possible, says Damon Nam, founder and Executive Director at Coinvest.”

Coinvest is offering contributors the opportunity to purchase COIN Tokens at http://coinve.st during its crowdsale this Winter. Raising the crowdsale max cap of $30 million will create two reserves to ensure liquidity and collateral to back all user investments. Additionally, accelerate the development of additional tools to help investors all across the world.

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