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Hybrid decentralized cryptocurrency exchange with read access to investors' portfolios






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Price on ICO

Jan. 24, 2018

Jan. 28, 2018




1 ETH = 2880 BPT

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Idea & Token

Blockport is a cryptocurrency exchange which is trying to be easy-to-use for experienced investors and provide a number of facilities for the ones who just decided to make their very first investment.
Blockport has two key features:
– Hybrid cryptocurrency exchange
Blockport allows you to trade on both centralized and decentralized exchanges to become the first social-based hybrid decentralized exchange.
When using the decentralized exchange, you are absolutely confident your funds and private keys are secure. Third-party exchanges cannot freeze your money and your wallet is protected from hackers.
When using centralized exchanges, all trades are being performed off-chain on an exchange other than Blockport.
– Social network-like trading platform
If you are a beginner and have no idea about how to trade and which moves to make, you can learn from other experienced investors. Blockport allows you to view portfolios of other investors, analyze them and copy all their steps. And when you feel you are finally able to start making your own investments, you just do. When other traders foolow your steps, you are rewarded for that with Blockport tokens called BPT. Add here plans to make a forum and knowledge base and you’ll get the idea of Blockport to build a community of investors.

Token BPT can be used for the following purposes:
– You pay a BPT fee when you copy another trader’s portfolio. 90% of this fee goes to the trader, and 10% – to Blockport.
– BPT is also used to purchase premium services and pay discounted trading fees.
In the future, the number of traders on the platform will grow, therefore more users will want to follow other traders. Because the amount of tokens is invariable, the price of BPT should rise accordingly.


Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Blockport core team consists of 13 members.
The team leaders:
Sebastiaan Lichter is an experienced specialist in IT and business management.
Kai Bennink studied blockchain technology at the Delft University of Technology.
Their advisory team includes Lars Rensing, CFO of Ark. This advisor agreement is part of a partnership with the entire Ark ecosystem project. Among their partners are also Deloitte and Luminum solutions.


Blockport’s social trading system is going to become a platform that is equally attractive to beginners and experienced investors. The idea of mutual support of investors looks like a win-win solution – the beginners will learn and the “mentors” will earn BPT. One more point to think about is that the beginners will bring new funds to the platform. We recommend that you consider the current state of the project as a possible disadvantage. The product is not ready yet and the user base is still to be built.
Blockport has also established partnership with several solid projects, and if they keep their roadmap they can become a serious competitor to Coinbase.

Blockport is a hybrid-decentralized exchange with a strong focus on user-friendliness,, social trading

features and building a knowledge sharing community..

The team of Blockport firmly believes that – despite the recent developments in the world of

cryptocurrencies – there still exists an enormous knowledge gap between the high-tech blockchain world

and the majority of our society. In order to successfully share and support this fundamental technology and

paradigm shif with our society, we will build a user-friendly portal where people can safely take part in this

movement.. The team of Blockport addresses five problem areas in this white paper that hinder beginner

investors to adopt cryptocurrencies as valuable investment asset. These problems include lack of liquidity,

security, transparency, usability and education.

Blockport aims to develop an end-to-end trading platform that addresses these problems by efectively

combining proven technological, social and crypto economic concepts to create a completely new crypto

trading experience. Additionally, Blockport will create its own Ethereum (EERC20) based token that acts as a

functional token for members to pay for discounted trading fees and to utilize the social trading features in

the exchange environment. Members can earn these tokens by engaging on the platform.

In early January 2018 the private pre-ssale of the Blockport tokens (BBPT) will be launched. This pre-sale round

is accessible for a selected group of participants who are aligned with Blockport’s mission and vision.

Pre-ssale participants can apply for this private round by signing up on the Blockport website

(wwww.blockport.io).. Details about the exact pre-sale launch will be communicated privately.

For participants,, a certain minimum amount of ETH is mandatory to participate in the pre-sale round.

Participants will benefit from a 33% BPT bonus in the pre-sale round.

The public crowdsale round will be planned in March 2018. Exact details about the crowdsale round will be

communicated afer the private pre-sale round has finished.

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